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Looking for Health Insurance Miami

How Apply Miami AvMed Individual Health Plan
The AvMed Advantage for Consumers

. Direct access, with no referral to see specialists
. Extensive network of providers in Florida and access to the Private Healthcare Systems ,Inc.(PHCS) Healthy Directions network outside AvMed service areas , including nationwide coverage
. Emergency worldwide coverage
. A deductible carryover, where medical expenses incurred in the last three months of a calendar year will carry forward and apply towards the deductible for the following year
. Prescription drug riders
. Optional maternity rider with first dollar coverage after waiting period, no deductible, no co-payments and no co-insurance
. Fully integrated HSA administration with HealthEquity that incluyes enrollment and claims processing
AvMed Individual Health members enjoy:
. 24/7 online access to tools and resouces that enable members to play their monthly premiums , review current benefists ,check claim status, print. ID cards and lower out-pocket expenses
. Personalized 24/7 Member Solution and Nurse On Call
. Premium payment flexibility that includes auto bank draft ,Visa and MasterCard for initial and ongoing premium payments
Unparalleled support for appointed agents:
. South Florida presence with local support staff dedícated to assisting agents
. An initial underwriting response within one to two business days for electronic applications
. 24/7 access to our AvMed broker portal ,e-Agent Tool, that gives you all the tools you need to help your business succeed
. Create comprehensive electronic proposals that allow you to co-brand by including your agency logo
. Create custom AvMed Wed links for your Wed site that will allow prospects to apply online at their conveniece ,and you receive credit for the sale
. Track your business and communicate directly with local Florida underwriters
. AvMed does not use exclusionary riders on any condition
. AvMed offers creditable coverage for those who qualify
. A rate-up methodology is in place for condiction listed on the aplication


source: avmed agent guide

Miami Cheap Health Plan AvMed

Information Miami Cheap Health Plan AvMed

Miami Cheap Health Plan AvMed. AvMed Frequently Asked Questions

1- On a maternity rider, is the waiting period 12 months from the date of conception or delivery ? The 12-month waiting period is from the effective date of the policy , or from the effective date of the addition of the Maternity Benefit Rider, if added at a later date

2- Are referrals required for office visits with an in-network participating specialist? No .Members have direct access , with no referrals , to any participating specialist

3- When are authorizations required ? Prior authorization is required for some services including all inpatient care ,complex diagnostic testing ,dialysis and transplant services ,certain drugs and non-emergency transport services

4- Does AvMed offer Individual Health members access to a national network of providers? The national network consists of a separate network ,provided by Private Healthcare Systems ,Inc.(PHCS) ,that members can access when seeking care outside the AvMed service area, either in Florida or nationwide .Covered services will be paid at the in-network level of plan benefits

5- Is there a co-payment saving with Rx mail order ? Yes .A 90 day supply for two months of co-payments is available

6- Does AvMed offer emergency worldwide coverage? Yes. AvMed will ensure traslation and processing of claim

7- Will each dependent covered in a family plan receive an AvMed ID card? Yes .Each enrolled member will receive a separete ID card

8- Are credit cards accepted for initial and ongoing premium payments? Yes, credit/debit cards are accepted for initial and ongoing premium payments .To make a payment by phone (bank draft or credit/debit card)

9- Will members receive electronic billing statements ? Yes AvMed Individual Health members will receive , via e-mail, an electronic invoice by the 20th of the month before the due date .Premiums are due on the Ist of the month .However ,members can contact Member Solution and request paper billing statements .When filling out an application ,the member can now request paper billing date from the Ist to 15th


source: avmed agent guide

Looking Health Plan in Miami AvMed

 Health Care Plan in Miami Fl AvMed
Looking Health Plan in Miami AvMed. AvMed Provider Service Area

AvMed offers Individual Health products to residents of Broward and Miami-Dade counties only .
AvMed Individual Health members have the option of using a provider from the AvMed provider network in Florida .Or ,if you purchased a plan with out-of-network benefits you can access services when outside the service area ,either in Florida. or nationwide.

You can use a provider from our national network partner, Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS),whenever medical care is needed, and it will be covered as in-network benefits. You also have the option of choosing a physician or hospital outside the PHCS network ,but at a higher cost to you .All emergency visits will be processed according to the terms of in-network benefits.

With the AvMed Individual Health Network, you may choose from a vast network of doctors, hospitals and other providers that you can easily access

To find a doctor or hospital in the AvMed or PHCS network call now 786-259-0067
Looking Health Plan in Miami AvMed ...Call Now!

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Miami Insurance Quotes in minutes

information Avmed health plans miami florida
The AvMed Difference

-Florida-based and Florida focused, AvMed Health Plans has a proud legacy of service excellence that has spanned more than 40 years . What started as a health plan serving the airline industry in South Florida today serves a membership of more than 300 000 Group, Medicare and Individual members across the state.
-For the sixth consecutive year, AvMed Health Plans has received the highest overall member satisfaction rating of any statewide Florida plan submitting data to the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).
-AvMed is one of only a few health plans in the United States that has been awarded “Excellent” accreditation status for both Commercial and Medicare health plans by National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA),the nation’s leading evaluator of health plans .
-Weiss Ratings awarded AvMed top honors (A) for our “Excellent” financial strength, placing us in the top echelon of all health plans in the United States 
-AvMed Member Solutions and Nurse On Call phone lines are staffed by AvMed employees 24 hours a day ,7 days a week , every day of the year.
- Everything we do is backed by our trademark service .AvMed offers local personalized service to take the stress out of health care coverage
-AvMed is a not-for-profit health plan that channels its earnings into continually improving services for its members

source: avmed agent guide

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Centro de Educación y Aplicación de Obamacare Seguros Medicos en Miami y Florida.
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