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Looking for Health Insurance Miami

How Apply Miami AvMed Individual Health Plan
The AvMed Advantage for Consumers

. Direct access, with no referral to see specialists
. Extensive network of providers in Florida and access to the Private Healthcare Systems ,Inc.(PHCS) Healthy Directions network outside AvMed service areas , including nationwide coverage
. Emergency worldwide coverage
. A deductible carryover, where medical expenses incurred in the last three months of a calendar year will carry forward and apply towards the deductible for the following year
. Prescription drug riders
. Optional maternity rider with first dollar coverage after waiting period, no deductible, no co-payments and no co-insurance
. Fully integrated HSA administration with HealthEquity that incluyes enrollment and claims processing
AvMed Individual Health members enjoy:
. 24/7 online access to tools and resouces that enable members to play their monthly premiums , review current benefists ,check claim status, print. ID cards and lower out-pocket expenses
. Personalized 24/7 Member Solution and Nurse On Call
. Premium payment flexibility that includes auto bank draft ,Visa and MasterCard for initial and ongoing premium payments
Unparalleled support for appointed agents:
. South Florida presence with local support staff dedícated to assisting agents
. An initial underwriting response within one to two business days for electronic applications
. 24/7 access to our AvMed broker portal ,e-Agent Tool, that gives you all the tools you need to help your business succeed
. Create comprehensive electronic proposals that allow you to co-brand by including your agency logo
. Create custom AvMed Wed links for your Wed site that will allow prospects to apply online at their conveniece ,and you receive credit for the sale
. Track your business and communicate directly with local Florida underwriters
. AvMed does not use exclusionary riders on any condition
. AvMed offers creditable coverage for those who qualify
. A rate-up methodology is in place for condiction listed on the aplication


source: avmed agent guide

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